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Queensland’s Australian made skin care brand takes on the Chinese International Beauty Expo with Australia Post!

Queensland’s Australian made skin care brand takes on the Chinese International Beauty Expo with Australia Post!

Last month Skin Nutrient’s marketing team travelled to Shanghai for the 49th annual Chinese International beauty Expo (CIBE) and CBE. This business trip certainly highlighted the company's recent international success in China, with our Goat Milk Magic collection and Brightening cleanser. Having gained CFDA approval early this year, Skin Nutrient’s aussie made skin care products are now being sold across China’s major e-commerce platforms, including; JD.com, VIP.com, Tmall.com, Taobao.com and on the Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) app.

The Chinese International Beauty Expo is a world renowned event, with over 18 countries being represented, 2200 exhibitors and brands, spread across a humongous 230,000 square meters of exhibition area. Needless to say, this year’s theme “I love U Shanghai” (love) was experienced by everyone attending. Throughout this three day trade event, Skin Nutrient were launched on a global platform to over 500,000 elite buyers, customers and beauty bloggers.
Skin Nutrient were joined by Health More and Australia Post at the international pavilion, where a number of Australia’s most well-know beauty brands were exhibiting, including; QV, Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening and Chemist Warehouse.
 [The 3rd International Forum on Western Industry.]
 As Australia's premium skin care brand, Vivian Liu, Skin Nutrient's global business director, was invited to speak. Sharing the brand's successful cross-border experience and future market strategy. Australia’s huge business opportunities are not limited to health products and infant formulas, the Chinese market also has significant demand for Australian cosmetics and skin care products. Australian products are popular among Chinese consumers because of their superior quality, clean natural ingredients and strict and safe production standards.

AHRD Group Director Ivy Zhong (first from right), Skin Nutrient’s Global Sales Director Vivian Liu (second from left), Skin Nutrient’s China Sales and Marketing director Rita Tang (first from left) and Australia Post's China Director (second from right) on the China-Australia Cross In-depth exchanges were made on matters such as foreign trade, and it is hoped that further cooperation will be reached in the future.
Skin Nutrient is an Australian owned company producing remarkable product ranges on home soil. Combining the skills of herbalists and chemists to extract and formulate the best luxury skin care solutions to breathe new life into your skin. Natural nutrients, have been extracted with great scientific expertise to create the Skin Nutrient collections. The effect is to nourish the skin to reflect it’s own radiant beauty.
Our collections include Hydromino series, Goat’s Milk Magic range, Botanic Face Masks, Perfect White Collection, Brightening Essence, Inti-mate Body Wash and the Bee Venom series. Our products can be found in over 240 stockist in Australia, find your closest retailer here
[Skin Nutrient Marketing Coordinator & Designer, Breanna Sheather being interviewed by Australia Post.]
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