2 easy steps for healthy skin during winter

With the changing of seasons, comes the changing of clothing, makeup and skin care products.

Sometimes, we forget about our skin and all of a sudden the cold snap hits and your complexion pays for it. Maintaining that gorgeous summer glow seems impossible as your skin’s moisture begins to dry out with the drop of humidity in the air. Is your skin starting feeling dry, tight or uncomfortable?

Skin Nutrient have consulted our in-house chemist and all round skincare expert to bring you a simple set of guidelines to follow during winter.

1. Don’t be afraid to exfoliate.

Exfoliation helps replenish skin.

Skin cells tend to die out faster during winter. This is due to the dry air your skin experiences outside in the wind and indoor heating. Buffing dead skin cells away promotes the production of new healthy cells and actually improves the effectiveness of moisturisers. You should be exfoliating your skin twice a week during winter.

TIP: While we are on the note of exfoliating, a great way to keep your lips moist and supple this winter is to gently brush them with your toothbrush bristles each morning.

This process will lift away dead cells, then apply paw paw ointment. The paw paw ointment will sooth the skin while moisturising the skin. Make sure to wash your toothbrush thoroughly.

Try using Skin Nutrient Goat's Milk Magic Body Scrub.

2. Moisturise.

If your skin is starting to feel itchy, it is a very good sign that you need to moisturise!

A good body lotion should be rich in essential oils and proteins. When applying moisturiser during winter, we like to follow the sunscreen rule: Apply 1 teaspoon to your face and neck, then apply at least 3 tablespoons to your entire body.

TIP: Avoid taking long hot baths or showers, or using saunas, during the winter months.

Hot water can actually draw moisture from the skin. Instead, try use moderate-temperature water for shorter periods of time.

Try using Skin Nutrient Goat's Milk Magic Body Lotion.

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