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Best Skincare Tips for the New Year

Best Skincare Tips for the New Year

Can you believe 2020 is right around the corner? A new year signifies a new start, meaning fresh routines and a positive take on what’s to come. While most people are making new year’s resolutions to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. We would like to add some food for thought to your list of resolutions: improved skin health! 

Sometimes the important steps are overlooked in an attempt to keep up with our busy lives. But from January 1st, we get to start over and try to be better. Some of the worst skincare behaviours can be as simple as ‘skin picking’, sleeping in makeup and not washing our make up brushes regularly.    

The best skincare products won’t work their magic unless you consistently follow the basic rules of skincare. For this reason, take a look at our seven easy-to-follow steps to improved skin health.


1. Wear SPF 30+ or 50+ EVERY SINGLE DAY


 It's the age-old rule you hear every day from beauty editors and your mum alike. But remembering to slather on a layer of broad-spectrum SPF each morning before work can be a challenge. Make this year the one that you actually take responsibility for protecting your skin from damaging UV rays that can penetrate skin all year round. Remember to apply not only to your face but also your decolletage and exposed body. Learn the difference between Aussie sunscreens and international sunscreens. 


 2. Double Cleanse


 Removing makeup in the evening and actually cleaning your face are two separate things, therefore deserve two separate cleansing steps. Unless you use our all-in-1 Magic Cleansing Brush. Even then, we suggest using it twice!


3. Wash your makeup brushes!


It's the ultimate rule we all love to break, but washing your makeup brushes regularly can help to prevent breakouts and other skin issues. We suggest soap with a few drops of tea tree oil to break down any bacteria that might be hiding in the bristles. 


 4. Stop sleeping in your makeup and SPF


Yep. You've heard this one before, we know. But an alarming amount of us still does it from time to time, particularly after a late night out. Once again, check out our all-in-1 magic cleansing brush or Hydramino cleanser. They are super refreshing and remove makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 


5. Invest In Key Ingredients


Read up about Amino Acids, get yourself a good AHA peel and invest in EGF night creams.


6. Stop Touching Your Face


Every time you touch your face or start picking at spots, you are adding bacteria to your skin. Which either makes the zits worse or causes zits where there weren't any in the first place. Yes, it is satisfying and a stress-reliever, but picking blemishes will make them twice as bad. Try using an Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid peel to help resurface the skin instead. 


So those are our top tips to improve your skin's health and appearance this year. Follow these and you'll start seeing the best results from your skincare routine.


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