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10 minute solution for dry skin!

10 minute solution for dry skin!

What do Aloe Vera, Coffee, Honey Flower, Lemon, Red Algae, Madonna Lily and the Kakadu Plum all have in common? These are just some of the powerful, natural activated ingredients found in our NEW! Botanic Face Masks

Skin Nutrient’s team of leading herbalists and chemists have created five naturally derived, specially formuated face masks for swift absorption and optimum skin hydration. Each of the serums focus on resolving common skin concerns such as dehydration, skin spots, acne, blemishes, dark patches, skin repair and hydration, fine lines and wrinkles and brightening the skin. 

The generous 25ml of serum is specially poured into the sheet mask made from Australian cellulose fibres and sealed in an inner air tight sleeve for long lasting success!

All of Skin Nutrient’s products are made right here in Australia, at our Acacia Ridge factory. 

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