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Skin Nutrient Vietnam Launch

Skin Nutrient Vietnam Launch

Earlier this month Skin Nutrient's marketing team travelled to Ho Chi Minh City, for the Launch of Skin Nutrient Vietnam.
It is our absolute pleasure to announce the most recent partnership with Hang Le Import and Export, who is Skin Nutrient's exclusive distributor in Vietnam. At Skin Nutrient, our belief is to promote radiant, healthy skin using the power of nature and scientific research. We believe classic should not be limited by tradition. The founding brand idea was to combine creative thinking with the fundamentals of skin biology and create products that really do speak for themselves.
The event was certainly a success! The team was thrilled to meet Vietnam's hottest celebrities including lam giau khong kho, Đàm Vĩnh Hưng (Mr. Dam) , Hương Giang Idol vu hà, cùng nhiều khách mời nổi tiếng khác (and many other famous guests).
For more information, head to https://skinnutrient.com.vn/
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