Goat's Milk Magic Touch

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  • Anti-Ageing Face Moisturiser
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Naturally Derived
  • Forms milk droplets 
  • Activated with goat milk EGF proteins. Read More.
  • Made in Australia

Goat’s Milk Magic Touch is a luxuriously light cream, rich in proteins to intensely moisturise dehydrated skin. Infused with goat’s milk extract the active ingredient is activated upon application, this process allows us to maintain the ingredient’s integrity. Forming droplets appear, releasing highly intensive nutrient rich moisture that penetrates the skin, smoothing fine lines and strengthening skin. The effect is soft, supple skin texture an long lasting hydration.


What's Included

1 x 50g Goat's Milk Magic Touch

1 x Box Packaging

1 x spatula

1 x leaflet 


The secret to activating the EGF proteins in the goat milk, lies within the application process. Place a generous amount between fingertips to warm the goat milk, then apply to the face using circular motions until milk droplets form. Gently press activated milk droplets into the skin. For best results use daily.