Hydrating and Replenishing Face Mask (10pcs)

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The ultimate option to nourish and intensely hydrate your skin. The combination of Irish Moss, Aloe Vera and red algae work together to replenish your skin’s natural moisture level and keep it that way all day long. Each sheet face mask is constructed with Australian Eucalyptus cellulose fibres.

  • Cellulose fibre sheet face mask

  • Intensely hydrates your skin

  • Replenishes your skin’s moisture levels

  • Soothes redness and inflammation 

  • Naturally Derived

  • Made in Australia

What's Included

  • Tin Gift Box 
  • 10 x Hydrating and Replenishing Face Mask


1. Make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly, discover our cleansing solutions. Remove mask from packaging and recycle the exterior. 

2. Unfold and place onto the face, gently massage until the serum has fully absorbed. 

3. Make sure the eye/lip/nose areas are correctly aligned. Excess serum can be applied to hands and neck. 

4. For a quick hydrating treatment, leave face mask on for 10 minutes. For optimum results, leave face mask on for 20-25 minutes before removing. 


Irish Moss, Aloe and Red Algae Extract